Karen Ray Associates has been helping agencies and their Boards grow and strengthen since 1983. While working with Board members or agency staff, the focus is on leadership, collaboration, conflict management, problem-solving approaches and customer relations.

Examples of the results of this work in recent months include:

Work relationships between staff and Board members were strengthened:
During 2002 Karen Ray Associates conducted more than a dozen one day or multi-day workshops specifically on Board – staff issues including succession planning, team building, strategic thinking, and problem solving.

Long range plans developed for non-profit organizations:
Karen Ray Associates facilitated planning and problem solving sessions for these Boards which resulted in long range planning documents.

Collaboration enhanced among several organizations in downtown Pittsburgh:
These Board-managed agencies had been competing for funding, and now file joint funding applications.

Enhanced cooperation between providers of literacy services in school districts, industries and non-profit organizations
This multi-year project called for collaborative action among 67 Boards and their organizations.

Created a network of 28 counties to improve delivery of services to troubled families:
Karen Ray Associates facilitated retreats, meetings, and workshops to help County Commissions in rural Minnesota deal with family issues such as abuse and chemical dependency.