Work together…and get greater results!

handbook_quotesHere’s how to overcome obstacles to create a successful collaboration!
Whether you’re working on homelessness or building a rural farm cooperative, the Collaboration Handbook tells you what to expect and how to meet challenges in a way that strengthens your group ….and the results you’re after. You’ll learn how (and why) to:

  • Find and attract the right people
  • Build trust among diverse groups
  • Change conflict into cooperation
  • Select the best structure for your collaboration
  • Keep people involved, enthusiastic, and motivated
  • Energize your supporters with a powerful collaborative vision
  • Deepen the roots of collaboration for lasting success
  • Practical, interactive tools keep your collaboration on track

Written by Karen Ray and Michael Winer, nationally recognized consultants in collaboration and organizational development, the Collaboration Handbook takes you step-by-step through the entire process. This unique handbook shows you:

  • How to know if collaboration is the best way to
  • accomplish your goals
  • How to get started and keep up the momentum
  • Whether your collaboration has the necessary ingredients to succeed
  • How to manage the four stages of collaboration
  • When it makes sense to test the waters with a pilot project

Plus, you also get:

A case study following a single collaboration from start to finish

Sixteen worksheets to help you solve problems, plan successful strategies, and document your progress

Special sidebars with helpful tips such as what to do at your first meeting, and how mandated collaborations can succeed

And much more!